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girl getting an eye checkup


Taking care of your eyes and vision by having a regular eye examination is an important part of your general health. We believe that part of providing quality eye care to our community is giving them up-to-date knowledge on the best ways to keep their eyes healthy. 


We offer private and NHS eye examinations from our independent practice here in Farnworth.


Our mission is to provide affordable and excellent quality eye care to our community, and our eye examinations reflect that. We use the latest technology and tests to ensure that we can check up on your vision and provide a complete assessment of your eye health. Our optometrists have years of experience and take plenty of time with each patient.  


Many of our patients are entitled to completely free eye examinations through the NHS entitlement scheme. This includes: 


  • People over 60. 

Young woman having her eyes tested in farnworth by local optician


Eye examinations follow a simple procedure and provide a complete assessment of your vision and eye health. Your optometrist will run a series of tests and ask you some questions about the medication you may be using, problems with your vision and if you have any family history of eye conditions. We offer a personalised service so you may also be recommended additional tests or a referral.  


Emergency eyecare

Our service includes emergency eye care if you are experiencing symptoms such:

• Red or painful eye or eyelids
• Recently occurring flashes and floaters
• Recent and sudden loss of vision
• Foreign body in the eye.


We are also well-placed to provide referrals to other emergency services if necessary. 


After being diagnosed with glaucoma, monitoring the condition is vital to ensure it is treated promptly and correctly. We offer glaucoma monitoring appointments in which we examine eye pressure, vision, and the optical nerve using digital imaging. This provides a complete assessment of your status so referrals and care plans care be arranged.  


Cataracts can cause severe vision loss over time and even blindness. In partnership with our local hospitals in Bolton and the Greater Manchester area, we offer a thorough pre and post-operative cataract monitoring service to provide the care you need.

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