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Woman choosing her new frames in Farnworth with spurretts optician


We offer a range of quality eyewear that has something for everyone.


Our team has years of experience in matching frames to customers and will consider everything from when and where you will be using your glasses to any special requests you might have.


Whatever your look and lifestyle we’ll help you find frames you love.  


We don’t sacrifice substance for style, so you can be confident that our spectacle lenses will give you optimal vision based on your exact prescription. Our lenses also come in a wide variety of types and with a selection of anti-scratch and reduced-glare coatings so you can always find the ones that suit your requirements. 

Young woman choosing her frames with the help of her local optician


Eyewear styling is a precision art and we work with our patients to make sure they get the right look for them.


We’ll talk to you about your unique lifestyle and which glasses may be best suited for you.


Whether you’re looking for something for outdoor adventure or a comfortable pair of reading glasses, we’ll find the right frames for you. 


A stylish pair of sunglasses is a great accessory. Even more importantly the right pair will help to protect your eyes from the sun.


Our range of prescription sunglasses including polarised and UV-protected options allow you to enjoy a great outdoor look, perfect vision and protection from the sun’s glare. 

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